"Highly ambitious and Cleverly Assembled Zombie Shooter"


Outbreak is a First Person Arcade Shooter inspired for mobile

gun down entire swarms of zombies coming from any direction. Can’t move? Auto-dash moves your position on demand; the undead simply cannot keep up.

Swap guns to reload instantly and smash zombies away with a baseball bat!

Movement has been redefined with the auto-dash button;

you decide when to automatically move to your next position. This encourages only strategic movement, letting you prioritize aiming and shooting instead.


No movement controls necessary.



Play as Operatives of APEX, armed with lethal weapons and powerful abilities in an attempt to take back the world through overwhelming force and firepower


Their creed? To wipe out every single zombie off the face of this planet.

Can you survive it?


Insane Arsenal (at your fingertips)

Visit the armory, it's got flamethrowers, rifles, shotguns, RPGs, many types of guns and weapons.

Carry up to 4 weapons and remember, swapping guns or using your melee weapon is always faster than reloading!


Evolving Action-Packed Storyline in a Mobile FPS

APEX Operatives have mysteriously gone missing on the field.

Learn more about APEX and their Operatives as you unravel the shocking truth behind an infected city, leading to horrific,evil encounters nobody has ever witnessed.

More stories to come with continuously

updated content.


 Deadly Zombie Hordes and Freaks

Battle your way through the overwhelming undead invasion, failure to cull them quickly will result in being overrun.

Freaks are terrifying unique zombies that will find a way to dispose of players with their...talents.



Humanity is on the verge of extinction.
We cannot wait any longer.
Mercenaries, are you all ready to wage war against the undead?

Join APEX and their Zombie-Killing Crusade to take back a world ravaged by the Zombie Apocalypse! 

Welcome to OUTBREAK: Dead Crisis.


"Highly ambitious and Cleverly Assembled Zombie Shooter"

"Outbreak Dead Crisis is designed to be intuitive and we love it!"


We recommend a device with at least 3GB of RAM.
Android OS 8.0 64bit or higher is recommended.

Support OpenGL 3.1 or above.


We welcome any feedback or questions about our games,your opinion is valued here so tell us what you feel about us or our games,business related enquiries are welcome as well.

We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

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